The Gold Standard in Food Allergy Training

We have made it our mission to create the gold standard in food allergy training. The Belay and Elijah teams have studied and reviewed all the food allergy training programs out there to ensure we were creating and providing the most thorough and helpful food allergy training available. We have been medically reviewed and accredited by the internationally renowned IACET. This accreditation allows us to certify staff and provide CEU credits to those who complete our course. We are committed to preventing a tragedy like the one that happened to Elijah Silvera, so that this never happens again.

Elijah’s Law in the United States

New York • Illinois • Pennsylvania • Virginia • California

For those in New York state, we are OCFS approved and qualify for the Educational Incentive Program (EIP). 

In addition to our accredited training course, we have created the only food allergy preparedness program for schools and daycares. This program has been designed to help childcare centers and schools create a safe environment for children with food allergies.

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The Preparedness Program

We can audit and make recommendations for best practices to improve food allergy safety in your facility

  • We can work with you to ensure you have proper food allergy documentation
  • We can provide you with easy-to-understand explanations of Elijah’s Law and all other associated legislation (e.g. The Good Samaritan Law) regarding the use of epinephrine in your facility, including a 30-minute call with Belay’s lawyers who are experts in this area
  • We can write the prescription and facilitate purchase of Auvi-Q epinephrine at reduced prices (this service is only available for those daycares and schools who do the training)
  • We have created food allergy posters and forms for you to use in your facility
  • We will work with you to establish safe locations for epinephrine storage
  • We can provide a live Q&A with allergist
  • We offer (virtual) parent meetings on food allergies
  • We have built epinephrine basestations (to store “undesignated” Epipens or AuviQs) on your facility walls (like a defibrillator/AED)


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  • WeBelay is an innovative and simple way to manage your child’s food allergies and confidently share important information with your network of caregivers.

    <p>WeBelay is an innovative and simple way to manage your child’s food allergies and confidently share important information with your network of caregivers.</p>

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