Course Overview

Food Allergy Training & Preparedness Program

Course Purpose

To educate and enable those who work with children to feel confident when managing food allergies,
To help schools & daycares create comprehensive food allergy preparedness plans,
To empower all staff to know what to do when a child is having a food-allergic reaction,
To meet the requirements laid out by the recently passed, Elijah Law.

In-Person Training

Members of the Belay team, certified in food-allergy training, will come to your school and/or daycare to provide comprehensive in-person training on food allergy management, safety, and emergency preparedness.
Our team will help you create a safe environment for food-allergic children and ensure that everyone working closely with children is properly trained.
Our program consists of In-Person Training, at your facility and working closely with you to create a Preparedness Program.

Course Content for Students

All students who have completed the Food Allergy Preparedness Program can access the full course presentation here.

Certification and CEU Credits

Students who successfully demonstrate mastery of course information, the necessary techniques, and good decision making will receive certification from Belay and CEU credits.


All students must maintain their EPI certification by recertifying every 24months. Belay will notify attendees via email ahead of their expiration dates.

Lets make schools & daycares safer for children with food allergies.

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