Elijah’s Law

A Partnership for Change

Thanks to Elijah’s Law, all child daycare programs in the state of New York are now required to have an anaphylactic policy in place for children with food allergies. Belay has partnered with the Elijah-Alavi Foundation to create the very first accredited in-person food allergy training program, for schools and daycares called, E.P.I.

Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Champions of Elijah’s Law, the Elijah-Alavi Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness about the severity of food allergies and anaphylaxis, as well as the importance of education and training. Recently signed into law in NY state, Elijah’s Law requires all Daycare Centers in NY to have a Food Allergy Preparedness and Emergency Action Plan in place, including Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Training for all staff. Together, Elijah-Alavi and Belay will work to decrease the number of life-threatening anaphylactic reactions that go mismanaged within pre-schools and primary schools.

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Lets make schools & daycares safer for children with food allergies.

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